About Zimm Studio

Zimm Studio provides sculptures for private collectors and corporate clients. Materials such as alabaster, exotic soapstone, marble and rare natural stone are used to create strikingly beautiful works of art. This unique and abstract approach to sculpting special stone has been the hallmark of Zimm Studio over the past two decades.

Travel to Italy and South America has brought a perspective to this sculpture that blends colour and shape in a very special way.

What We Do

Zimm Studio provides both private and corporate clients the ability to possess these and other fine sculptures. Outright sale is available or in cases in which the client wishes to lease the art, Zimm Studio will lease various sculptures on a term basis. All pricing is available upon request.

Zimm Studio can provide exquisite, quality art and allow the client to rotate various pieces on a timely basis to consistently exhibit fresh and exCiting sculpture. This has become a sought after method for our corporate customers to enhance their business foyer with art that makes a statement.

All requests for pricing and terms can be made directly through this website.

THE Artist

Stephen Zimmerman has been sculpting stone for the past twenty years. His works have employed stone from Italy, Argentina, Canada, Spain, Mexico and many other locations. The vibrant colours and dramatic architecture of his work is recognizable from piece to piece.

Works from Zimm Studio are housed in private collections, galleries and corporate space throughout Canada and the USA.

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